Lawyers for the People

Ensuring kids get the support they need to succeed. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Lawyers for the People (L4P) is to provide intense legal representation to as many low and moderate income DC residents as possible.  We accomplish our goals by accepting court appointments to represent DC youth with matters before DC Superior Court.  L4P also is forming coalitions with other legal advocacy groups and attorneys to expand its practice to all areas of law that affect DC resident's life. 


Why We Exist

Lawyers for the People (L4P) wants all DC residents to have access to intense legal representation.  In addition to providing legal counsel, L4P attorneys thoroughly consults with clients to educate them about their rights and how to exercise them.  Currently, L4P is representing DC youth with matters before D.C. Superior Court.  L4P focuses much of its work on special education advocacy and ensuring that youth involved with D.C. Superior Court are getting appropriate support and services in both his or her school and community. 


The Problem

Inadequate educational services and excessive school exclusions (though suspensions and expulsions) often results in a “push-out” of students from school to the delinquency system and ultimately to incarceration, in a phenomenon known as the “school to prison pipeline."


Our Philosophy

Lawyers for the People (L4P) believes children need to be in school to learn.  L4P works hard to ensure all children have access to the supports and services necessary for him or her to reach his or her dreams.  [Examples of appropriate interventions include mentors, tutors, therapists, anger management classes, life skills training, job training, jobs, and many more interventions which are far more beneficial to both the child and society than alternative interventions often used like school suspensions and locking kids up.]  L4P knows all kids can flourish if given the proper supports to develop the various skills needed to succeed in life.  L4P works hard to enforce each child's rights and educate each child about his or her rights and how to best self advocate.    


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Help us help the youth of DC unlock their full potential.